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Castrol Heavy Duty

Castrol Heavy Duty provides unmatched lubricant protection for your fleet equipment.  With ever raising fuel costs and regulations, it is understood that maintaining and executing an efficient operation is crucial.  Lowering costs in your fleet is a priority of Castrol’s.  As a leader in the lubricant industry, Castrol is committed to bring ease and confidence to you and your fleet.

Corrigan Oil is an authorized Castrol HD distributor, and is dedicated to adding  value to your business with our services and quality lubricants.  Our sales staff has had hundreds  of hours of training to be able to fully assess your fleets needs and match the product best suited for your equipment.

Engine Oils

  • Castrol Elixion
  • Castrol Hypuron
  • Castrol Tection
  • Castrol Assuron

Transmission Fluids

  • Castrol Trans-C
  • Castrol Syngear
  • Castrol UTF
  • Castrol Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose ATF

Gear Lubricants

  • Castrol Syngear
  • Castrol AP Gear
  • Castrol ESGL
  • Castrol Limited Slip

Hydraulic Fluids

  • Castrol Dual Range HV
  • Castrol Blue Hydraulic Plus
  • Castrol Paradene AW
  • Castrol Carelube HTG
  • Castrol Anvol SWX FM
  • Castrol Aerial Lift Fluid


  • Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES
  • Castrol Pyroplex Gold
  • Castrol Pyroplex Blue
  • Castrol Pyroplex Red
  • Castrol Fith Wheel Grease
  • Castrol SHL-00
  • Castrol Contractor’s Special
  • Castrol HD Lithium

Compressor Oils

  • Castrol Isolube
  • Castrol Syncom
  • Castrol SHL
  • Castrol Reciprocating Compressor
  • Castrol Paradene R&O


  • Castrol Automotive Antifreeze
  • Castrol HD Antifreeze with SCA
  • Castrol 50/50 Pre-Diluted Extended Coolant Antifreeze

Specialty Oils

  • Castrol Non-Detergent
  • Castrol Small Engine Oils
  • Castrol Heat Transfer Oil
  • Castrol Multi-Mix 3