Corrigan Oil Fleet Fueling
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Fleet Fueling

Corrigan Oil saves your company money by reducing operational expenses and increasing the productivity of your drivers. Leave your fleet parked, and let Corrigan bring the fuel to you. We offer fleet fueling to your trucks, heavy equipment, and storage units. Fleet fueling throughout the State of Michigan is a Corrigan forte, uniquely filling your unique needs.

Each of our tank wagon trucks is equipped with Smart Logix delivery system, an industry leading logistics software package. Smart Logix drives productivity, enables us to predict, react, and make the educated decisions for your fueling needs. This system allows us:

  • To digitally capture gallons in real time, direct from the pump registers
  • To help you maintain up to the minute inventory control
  • To ¬†barcode scan each unit for vehicle by vehicle detail usage data
  • To post online your fuel transactions by vehicle, site, or your entire fleet ¬†¬†

Our drivers are not only hazmat certified, they are also knowledgeable in the products they deliver everyday. Extensive training leads to our established high safety rating. A perpetual attitude of excellence is instilled in our drivers from their first day on the job, and our customers always come first.

Additional services include the installation of a fuel tank with card reading capabilities. Each driver and truck will be designated a card, thus enabling for odometer and fuel mileage tracking. Card readers protect your fuel from potential theft, saving you and company money.

Today’s volatile fuel market makes selecting the right fuel supplier imperative to the health of your business. Chose Corrigan Oil for all your fleet fueling needs.