Lubricant Warehouse
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Corrigan Oil Company can meet all of your company’s lubricant needs. Whether its Castrol branded lubricants or Corrigan’s own house blends; our experienced sales team prides itself in finding the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to meet your company’s specific applications. We offer fast delivery across the state of Michigan, Northern Ohio and Northern Indiana.

Corrigan House Lubricants

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified blending facility is equipped to engineer custom blends to meet your company’s specialized demands to the highest standards.

Castrol Industrial

We offer Castrol Industrial Lubricants, Metalworking fluids, Cleaners and Corrosion Preventives. Castrol offers “outside the box” solutions that have proven themselves to lower overall operating costs, increasing your company’s bottom line.

Castrol Heavy Duty

Lubricant protection for your fleet including Engine Oils, Transmission Fluids, Gear Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluids, Greases, Compressor Oils, and Coolants. Castrol’s products are engineered to give you the most for your dollar. Whether its offering increased fuel economy, extending your drain intervals, monitoring your oil life with Castrol’s certified Lab Check program, or using one of Castrol’s specialized greases, we offer solutions that have been proven to lower you overall operating costs.

Castrol Automotive

We carry all grades and formulas of Castrol passenger car oils including: GTX, GTX High Mileage, GTX Synblend, Edge with Syntec Power Technology and Edge with Fluid Strength Technology. We have programs available for Dealerships, Installers and Quick Lube facilities that are designed to help with advertising, brand recognition and customer retention. 

Oil Equipment

We offer oil storage tanks, as well as, oil pumps, reels, and control handles.  Also, we offer service work on all your existing oil equipment.

Product Distribution

Corrigan Oil has the expertise to move petroleum products from our trucks to the end user.  We install tanks, plumbing and metering devices needed to deliver your petroleum product to the customer.

We offer a variety of tank sizes to meet your needs in the distribution of fuels and oil products.  We also offer a variety of pumps, reels and metering nozzles.  We offer products manufactured by Aro, Fillrite, GPI, Graco, and Ingersoll Rand.  We also have the flexibility to order parts from other manufacturers.