Commercial Propane
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Commercial Propane

Corrigan Propane offers many solutions to your commercial propane needs. Our expert propane team is ready to work with you to accomplish the even the most challenging heating tasks. From regulating your facilities temperature, portable heater rental, to bulk tank services.

Temporary Heating

Michigan weather should never hinder you from reaching a deadline. Temporary heating solutions that will keep your job site running efficient and on time. Trust Corrigan Propane for all your commercial propane needs!

Corrigan Propane has hundreds of heaters to meet any size heating need.  From a new multistory hotel, to a new school, to an addition to a warehouse or even simply a single room addition, we have the heating equipment to meet your needs.  Our on staff heating specialist will work with you to keep your job running smooth and consistent through the winter season.

Commercial and Agricultural

Corrigan Propane’s team will work with you to set up your propane needs for any industrial program necessary.  We have the ability to work with multiple tanks, long line runs, and challenging heating needs.  Our service is second to none when it comes to our commercial applications.  Let us add a tank monitor and we will monitor and keep your system full so your team never runs out of fuel for the job.

We offer many seasonal programs for grain drying and other agricultural needs.

Propane Dispensing Stations

Corrigan’s team will work with you to design a system that meets you and your customer’s needs with regard to size and speed of delivery.  Vertical tanks, larger sheds, auto gas pumps, are all some of the special features that we can offer you with a commercial dispensing station. 

Dispensing stations are a great way to add customers and increase traffic to your business. More visits to your store leads to more sales at the end of the day! Let Corrigan Propane help increase your sales all year long.