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Race Fuels

Corrigan Oil Company is the Official Sunoco Race Gas distributor in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.  Sunoco is the largest manufacturer and refiner of race gas in world, because quality and consistency matter.  

In the racing world, Sunoco reigns as the undisputed leader in the industry of racing fuels. Innovation and experience drives Sunoco to continuously offer the best quality, selection and newest products available to fuel the professional motor sports industry and other activities involving race fuels. 

Race Fuel Products

  • Unleaded Sunoco GTX 260 (98 octane)
  • Unleaded Sunoco GT 260 (100 octane)
  • Unleaded Sunoco GT Plus (104 octane)
  • Leaded Sunoco Standard (110 octane)
  • Leaded Sunoco Supreme (112 octane)
  • Leaded Sunoco HCR (114 octane)
  • Leaded Sunoco Maximal (116 octane)
  • Leaded Turbo Blue (110 octane)
  • Unleaded Turbo Blue (100 octane)
  • Methanol