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Tank (Removal) Services

Technical Environmental Services is a Corrigan family company specializing in the safe handling of underground storage tanks (UST). We understand the potential liability underground storage tanks may present. We have the expertise to provide you with a complete solution.
All Steel underground storage tanks eventually leak and may not be detectable. (State of Michigan literature can be provided) Additionally, all abandoned underground fuel tanks must be removed within one year.
-Michigan State Law R29.4404, Part 2-2.8.

The Lifespan of an Underground Tank (before leaking)

  • Clay Environment 8-12 years
  • Sand Environment 15-30 years
  • Water Table 4-10 years

Scope of work that can be provided

  • Complete underground tank removal, tank disposal and backfill
  • Testing with PID Meter
  • Filling tank in place when excavation cannot be performed, clean and flow able fill tanks per M.D.E.Q. standards
  • Soil testing
  • Removal of contaminated soil
  • Removal of above ground and basement tanks
  • Perform roadside spill clean ups along with our towing services
  • Prepare paper work for sale of homes after performing removals or filled in place fuel tanks

Technical Environmental Services is equipped to assist on Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments and Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEA’s). We have joint offices with Corrigan Oil Company located in Brighton, Michigan.