Brighton, MI, Contained Diesel Fuel Spill Incident

The following statement was released today (08/27/21) by Mike Corrigan, President of Corrigan Oil Co., following the diesel fuel spill at the company’s main terminal in Brighton, MI:

On August 24, 2021, in the early am, there was a diesel fuel spill while unloading a tanker at the company’s Brighton, MI, facility.  Due to the safeguards and containment protocol in place, only a minimal amount of fuel (approximately less than 200 gallons) spilled over onto the roadway.  As the roadway drain system is part of the City of Brighton drain system, which slopes along Second Street to a portion of pipe that discharges rainwater into the Mill Pond.

Corrigan Oil crews, trained as haz-mat first responders, worked quickly to contain the initial fuel spill and immediately requested additional resources to limit the spread of the fuel in the Mill Pond. Corrigan Oil worked closely with the Brighton Area Fire Authority, retained TNT Marine Environmental, renowned specialists in environmental remediation, and otherwise worked closely with other governmental stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome.  The discharge area was limited to the northern corner of the mill pond.  The spill has since been fully contained.

Since the time of the spill, Corrigan Oil employed a 24/7 drone system to monitor the conditions, among other measures.  Notable improvements in the affected areas has been observed.

Corrigan Oil has been family owned and operated since 1958.  Under the ownership of Mike and Tim Corrigan, Corrigan Oil has expanded into a family of companies.  Corrigan Oil is committed to the various mitigation strategies and the clean-up effort to restore the affected area to its pre-existing condition, if not improve the environmental health of the area. This includes continued close coordination with our contracted experts and governmental authorities. 

The health, safety and well-being of those affected, as well as the area affected, is our first priority and we, at Corrigan Oil, strive to always be a valued member of the communities in which we live and work.

Corrigan Oil understands the importance of preserving our environment and giving back to the community. At Corrigan, we are proud supporters of our community and encourage our employees to be active leaders, mentors and volunteers.  See our website to learn more at: