FuelCloud is the future of fuel management. It combines hardware, a web portal, and a mobile application to give users real-time insight into their fuel. The FuelCloud app works with Android and iOS devices, allowing you to use the technology you already have in your pocket. This allows for constant connectivity and prepares you for the future technological advances. The FuelCloud gives our customers a simple to use, easy to manage and cost-effective fuel management solution.

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  • Simple to use
  • Fast install
  • Instant access

We use Smartlogix to better serve our customers every day, each one of our tank wagon truck is equipped with the technology.

Smartlogix is an industry leading logistics solution that enables us to predict, react, and make educated decisions on all your fueling needs. Smart logic’s seamless integration of technology tracks product movement through the entire delivery process, along with real-time inventory information to drive productivity. Smartlogix is specifically designed for the petroleum industry, and our handhelds are built to military specifications, giving you the customer the dependability you deserve.

Fueling Technology



FuelCloud is the future of Fuel Management, combining an intuitive web portal, patented proprietary hardware and a mobile application gives users real-time insight into their business. The FuelCloud app works on Android and Apple devices allowing you to use technology you already have. FuelCloud gives customers constant connectivity and a simple easy to manage, cost effective fuel management solution, that keeps a lid on costs.

Corrigan is a long-time FuelCloud distributor, preferred jobber and certified installer of FuelCloud fuel management systems. 

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  • Simple to use
  • Fast install
  • Instant access, instant reporting



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