Vessel Fueling

Are you looking for a marine fueling provider who will deliver the highest quality fuels while focusing on all safety regulations? You have found your new vessel fueling partner with Corrigan Oil.

Corrigan Oil Company is Coast Guard Approved and a preferred fueler for our track record of safety and diligence. When it comes to protecting the environment, your staff and equipment, Corrigan Oil is second to none. When you partner with Corrigan for your vessel fueling needs you get the peace of mind, we have passed the rigorous certification processes from all of the regulatory agencies.

With every vessel fueling delivery, we are prepared to handle any situation that could arise when it happens. When it comes to protecting the environment, we believe there is no time to call in a spill containment team in the case of an emergency. That is why at every delivery we provide a expert in Vessel Fueling to oversee the full process. Along with the expert we dispatch a separate Spill Containment vehicle and crew.

In the case of an emergency, our team can quickly jump into action with 200 feet of containment boom on site to minimize an impact on the environment. While competitors are calling in help, our crew is already in action working to contain the situation.