Mobil Diesel Efficient

Mobil Diesel Efficient

Next generation diesel fuel that means business

Discover the possibilities of Mobil Diesel Efficient™

What is Mobil Diesel Efficient (MDE) fuel?

• MDE, delivered by ExxonMobil authorized resellers, is
the first and only fully formulated, additized diesel fuel
with a proven fuel economy claim in the United States



It is specially engineered to help improve fuel economy
and boost engine performance by cleaning up injector
deposits. This new fuel also helps improve power,
increase engine responsiveness and reduce emissions.
MDE fuel can also help guard against internal injector
sticking which can contribute to premature injector
failure. Furthermore, MDE fuel offers excellent fuel
system corrosion protection and can help prevent
premature fuel filter plugging.


How is MDE fuel different from standard diesel fuels?

• MDE fuel is treated with a patented additive package
that is specially designed to clean up and keep clean
both internal injector deposits and nozzle deposits.
Research demonstrates that MDE fuel can help improve
the performance of your diesel engine.

I already use an additive and manage the inventory
and dosing procedures in-house. What would be the
benefit of using MDE fuel instead?
MDE fuel is a fully-formulated fuel, meaning the additive
is injected and blended into ASTM D975 base fuel with
precision at the fuel terminal.
Correct additive concentration and adequate
blending are essential to harnessing the benefits
of fuel detergents.
Hand-dosing additive requires administrative and
operational costs to research, purchase, store and
dose additive.

Under-dosing could result in lost performance, overdosing could result in adverse impacts to
your equipment.
MDE fuel delivers guaranteed quality and proven
performance without requiring any extra effort on the
part of the customer.


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