Fuel Tank Rental

Corrigan Oil Company offers double-walled tanks in a variety of sizes to meet our customer’s needs. In addition, we have 110v (electric) and 12 V (battery) pump options for all fuel tank rentals. 

Finding the right fuel tank rental & refueling service can be a challenge. With over 70 years in the business, Corrigan Oil has founded our reputation on quality service and reliability in every job we take on. Many industries in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana rely on a steady supply of bulk fuel and onsite fuel tanks to keep their business running optimally. Whether it’s fuel for a mobile construction site or an onsite tank for your trucking company, we provide job-site fuel service and timely bulk fuel at competitive for a variety of applications. 

Our standard Double-walled tanks are 300, 550 or 1050 gallon tanks. We offer the TransCube in a variety of a sizes as well. The TransCube is a compact and economical diesel fuel tank, which stays onsite like or standard series to give regular fuel supply and fleet refueling. Both tank styles are fully transportable and DOT approved. 

Corrigan Oil also offers mobile frac tanks that hold up to 15,000 gallons. 

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Depending on your needs, our tanks include:

  • 300-gallon fuel storage tanks
  • 550-gallon fuel storage tanks
  • 1,050-gallon fuel storage tanks
  • 2,000-gallon fuel storage tanks
  • 2,500-gallon fuel storage tanks
  • 7,000-gallon fuel storage tanks
  • 15,000-gallon fuel storage tanks

Standard Double-walled

Frac Tank






Residential Propane

With locations across the State of Michigan, Corrigan Propane offers competitive prices, delivered by knowledgeable and friendly professionals..